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Can you name the Zelda games by location?

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Forced Order
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Tower of Spirits, Lost at Sea Temple, Ocean Temple
Wing Dungeon, Moonlit Grotto, Skull Dungeon
Sea of Trees, Chamber of Insights, Talus Cave
Outset Island, Overlook Island, Forsaken Fortress
Minish Village, Mount Crenel, Cave of Flames
Snake's Remains, Dancing Dragon Dungeon, Explorer's Crypt
Saria Town, Mido Town, Midoro Palace
Desert of Doubt, Realm of the Heavens, Whereabouts of the Wind
Anouki Village, Ghost Ship, Courage Temple
Eastern Palace, Misery Mire, Skull Woods
The Eagle, The Moon, The Lizard
Hytopia, Drablands, Den of Trials
Toronbo Shores, Eagle Tower, Yarna Desert
Clock Town, Woodfall Temple, Great Bay Temple
Faron Woods, Palace of Twilight, Goron Mines
Jabu Jabu's Belly, Dodongo's Cavern, Deku Tree
Lorule Castle, House of Gales, Dark Palace
Great Plateau, West Necluda, Lanayru
Fire Sanctuary, Skyview Temple, Sandship

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