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Can you name the Pokemon games based on the locations?

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Forced Order
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Stony Cave, Slumbering Cave, Breezy Plains
Goldenrod City, Azalea Town, Olivine City
Terrara, Illusio, Valora
Littleroot Town, Mossdeep City, Sootopolis City
Anville Town, Castelia City, Accumula Town
Crevice Cave, Tiny Meadow, Giant Volcano
Meadow Zones, Flower Zone, Granite Zone
Night Festival, Isle Asul, Rainbow Park
Lyra Forest, Sekra Range, Olive Jungle
Rasp Cavern, Fire Temple, Ice Temple
Ruby Volcano, Sapphire Sea, Dewdrop Bay
Iki Town, Po Town, Mahalo Trail
Crystal Cave, Marine Cave, Hippowdon Temple
Volcano, Cave, River
Cave of the Deep, Fire Island Volcano, Great Canyon
Pallet Town, Viridian City, Celadon City
Twinleaf Town, Jubilife City, Oreburgh City
Wish Cave, Magma Cavern, Lightning Field
New York City, San Francisco, Chicago
Anistar City, Couriway Town, Coumarine Town
Arcane Zone, Cake Zone, Wish Park
Phenac Colosseum, Orre Colosseum, Pyrite Colosseum

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