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Can you name the Super Mario game based on locations in the game?

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Forced Order
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Riverside Park, Shy Guy Beach, Peach Circuit
World 1-1, World 2-2, World 3-4
Glitzville, Twilight Town, X-naut Fortress
Bathroom, Ballroom, Graveyard
Grass Land, Desert Land, Pipe Land
Delfino Plaza, Gelato Beach, Pinna Park
Vanilla Dome, Donut Plains, Star Road
Birabuto Kingdom, Muda Kingdom, Chai Kingdom
Space Zone, Turtle Zone, Macro Zone
Music Park, Cheep Cheep Lagoon, Wuhu Loop
Kalimari Desert, Luigi Raceway, Moo Moo Farm
The Great Tower of Bowser Land, Piranha Creeper Creek, World Bowser
Peach Beach, Baby Park, Daisy Cruiser
Marrymore, Rose Way, Yo'ster Isle
Ghost Valley 1, Mario Circuit 1, Donut Plains 1
Stardust Fields, Joke's End, Cucklehuck Woods
Shroob Castle, Gritzy Desert, Thwomp Volcano
Buoy Base Galaxy, Good Egg Galaxy, Matter Splatter Galaxy
Plack Beach, Flab Zone, Pipe Yard
Dozing Sands, Dreamy Somnom Woods, Mushrise Park
Koopa Bros. Fortress, Shy Guy's Toy Box, Lavalava Island
Warm Fuzzy Plains, Drybake Desert, Chomp Ruins
Twisted Mansion, Electrodome, Sunshine Airport
Mushroom Mesa, Shy Guy Heights, Floaty Fun Water Park
Gloam Valley, Sammer's Kingdom, Land of the Cragnons
Sunbeam Plains, Doop Doop Dunes, Twinsy Tropics
Bob-omb Battlefield, Tiny Huge Island, Dry Dry Desert
Coconut Mall, DK Summit, Wario's Gold Mine
Puzzle Plank Galaxy, Yoshi Star Galaxy, Spin-dig Galaxy
Yoshi Falls, Waluigi Pinball, DK Pass

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