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Can you name the Pokemon ORAS Characters?

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Male Protagonist
Female Protagonist
Pokemon Professor for this region
Green-haired Rival
Former Pokemon Champion
Secret Base Expert
Former Contest Spectacular Winner
Character Who Summoned Rayquaza
Normal-type Gym Leader/ Your Father
Electric-type Gym Leader
Rock-type Gym Leader
Fighting-type Gym Leader
Fire-type Gym Leader
Flying-type Gym Leader
Psychic-type Gym Leader
Water-type Gym Leader
Dark-type Elite Four Member
Ghost-type Elite Four Member
Ice-type Elite Four Member
Dragon-type Elite Four Member
Leader of the Devon Corps.
Leader of Team Magma
Team Magma Admin
Team Magma Admin
Leader of Team Aqua
Team Aqua Admin
Team Aqua Admin
Upgrades your PC
Built the S.S. Tidal
Rival of Lisia

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