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How many Pokemon where introduced in gen 2?
What is the only Pokemon type that doesn't have a Legendary (Arceus doesn't count)?
Who is the Normal Type Gen 3 Gym Leader?
What is Chatot's signature move?
In what year did Pokemon Red and Green come out in Japan?
What Pokemon is on the cover of Pokemon Crystal?
How many Legendary Pokemon are from Gen 4?
What is the first gen 5 Pokemon in the Pokedex?
How many Pokemon were introduced in gen 6?
What is the first Ground type Pokemon in the Pokedex?
What Pokemon has a Pokedex number of 666?
Who is the gen 1 Psychic Gym Leader?
What is the only Ice Dragon Pokemon?
What was the first Pokemon created?
What is the last Gen 5 Pokemon in the Pokedex that isn't a legendary?
What is Lisia's main Pokemon from Gen 3?
What was the first Mobile Pokemon game made by the Pokemon Company?
What is the first Pokemon fought in Pokemon Shuffle?
What is the fully evolved gen 5 Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon?
What is the main series starter Pokemon that isn't part Fire, Grass or Water?
What was the first Pokemon Ash Caught (Pikachu not included)?
Who is the main character in Pokemon Snap?
What are all of the professors named after?
Who is the professor from gen 2?
What is Darkrai's signature move?
How many Pokemon from gen 1 can mega evolve?
What is the only Fairy Electric Pokemon?
What animal is Whiscash based on?
What Pokemon has the highest base stat total (Not including Mega Evolution)?
How many Pokemon are there as of gen 6?

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