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Can you name the only Pokemon with the following qualities.

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The only Electric Fairy Pokemon:
Can mega evolve into a Electric Dragon Pokemon:
Has hands that resemble maracas:
Resembles Keys:
Can have the ability Color Change:
Mega evolves with something that isn't a mega stone:
The only Ice Dragon Pokemon:
Non-legendary that can learn Transform:
Can learn Octazooka:
Has 28 different forms:
The only Ground Electric Pokemon:
Changes form to look like appliances:
The only Ghost Psychic Pokemon:
Pokemon that carries Concrete:
The only Steel Water Pokemon:
Is shaped like the moon:
Gen 2 Dragon Pokemon
The only Ghost Dragon Pokemon
Can learn Chatter:
The only part Dark type Pokemon that evolves from a Leaf Stone:
The only Bug Fighting Pokemon:
The only Pure Flying Pokemon
Pokemon with a spring:
The only Ghost Ice Pokemon:
The only Fighting Flying type Pokemon:
Has three branches of evolution:
The only Pokemon that changes forms with a flower:
Can change into any Pokemon type depending on the item it holds:
Pure Ice type Pokemon with no evolutions or pre evolutions:
Can learn Dark Void:
The only Water Dark Starter Pokemon:
Resembles a candle:
Can evolve into 8 different Pokemon:
Only knows Splash until level 15:
The only Legendary Pokemon that comes from an egg
Can learn Attack Order:
The only Pure Dragon Pokemon with no evolutions or pre-evolutions:
The only fully evolved Water Grass Pokemon:
The only Pokemon from Gen 5 that can mega evolve:
Can do up to 481,266,036 damage:
Changes forms based on the weather:

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