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What is the only Part Bug Legendary Pokemon (Not counting Arceus)?
How many part Flying type Legendary Pokemon are there?
What is the first Legendary Pokemon seen in the Anime (Not counting the theme song)?
What Pokemon Type has the most Legendary Pokemon?
What is the first legendary Pokemon in the Pokedex?
What is the only Pokemon type that doesn't have a legendary?
What type is Keldeo?
What Pokemon is often mistaken for a legendary Pokemon from Generation 2?
How many Legendary Pokemon are in gen 3?
What item allows Arceus to become a Electric type?
What is Arceus's signature move?
What is the first Steel Type Legendary Pokemon in the Pokedex?
What is the only Rock Fighting Pokemon?
What is the Legendary Pokemon that is on the covers of Pokemon Black and White 2?
What Legendary Pokemon has a signature move of Dark Void?
What Fire Pokemon from Gen 1 was originally supposed to be legendary but was changed?
How many legendary Pokemon are in gen 5?
What is the only Ghost Psychic Pokemon?
What is the only pure Flying Pokemon?
What is the only Fire Steel Pokemon?

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