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Can you guess my favorite Pokemon by the clues given?

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1/Black and Yellow 
2/Evolution of a bug from Gen 1 
3/One of two possible evolutions of another Pokemon 
4/Has three signature moves 
5/Many thought this was a pseudo-legendary Pokemon 
7/One of Guzma's Pokemon 
3/Evolves with a Leaf Stone 
4/Evolution of a Gen 2 Pokemon 
5/Red, Grey and Black 
6/Ash's chosen starter Pokemon 
7/Also a Dark type Pokemon 
1/Fully evolved 
2/The only Dragon Pokemon in Gen 2 
3/The only evolved dragon without a Mega Evolution 
4/Cynthia's signature Pokemon 
5/Fully-evolved Pseudo-legendary Pokemon 
6/The Dragon Ash didn't release. 
7/Kiawe's signature Pokemon in the anime 
2/Mega Evolves 
3/Red Pikachu Clone 
4/Evolution from Gen 1 
5/Pikachu Clone 
6/Pikachu Clone 
7/Pikachu Clone 
1/First Learned move is Sing 
2/Misty's baby Pokemon 
3/Diantha's Signature Pokemon 
4/Evolution from Gen 2 
5/The only fully evoled Fairy type from this Generation 
6/Serena's Pokemon 
7/Seeing his real form can kill a person 
1/Evolution with boxing gloves 
2/Ash's first Gen 2 Pokemon 
3/Clemont's Dad's Signature Pokemon 
4/A non-legendary Pokemon that had it's own movie 
5/His counterpart is red 
6/Ash's Fighting Type Pokemon  
7/Hugs you to death 
1/Has a pre-evolution and an evolution. 
2/Resembles a snail 
3/Also a fighting type 
4/Resembles an ape 
5/This Pokemon is in Pokken Tournament 
6/Ash's Pokemon 
7/Also a Fire type 
1/Also appears in the Super Smash Bros series 
2/One of Champion Steven's Pokemon 
3/Also a Grass type 
4/Pokemon with 6 different Pokemon 
5/The Pokemon of American colors 
6/Also a Flying type 
7/Evolved from a woodpecker 
1/The only fully-evolved ghost of Gen 1 
2/The only ghost of Gen 2 
3/A haunted doll that hunts its owner 
4/Has 6 different forms 
5/A Light source 
6/Has two forms 
7/The only Pokemon with the Disguise ability 
1/When it evolves, it triples 
2/Mega evolves 
3/Also a Dragon 
4/A tortoise 
5/A mole 
6/A Rabbit 
7/Underneath it is a pile of bones 
1/The least popular of the Gen 1 starters 
2/An evolution of a Gen 1 Pokemon 
3/Evolves from a Leaf Stone 
4/Has a tree on its back 
5/Resembles a dancer 
6/A haunted Tree 
7/Resembles an Archer 
1/Resembles the Loch Ness Monster 
2/Based on Santa Claus 
3/Ash's Pokemon 
5/Shaped like a snowflake 
7/Also a fighting type 
1/Holds a vegetable 
2/A bird 
3/Fully evolved sound-based Pokemon 
4/Part of an event before Pokemon Sun and Moon was released 
5/A Red Bird 
6/A poodle 
7/People usually associated with Harambe 
1/Lowest evolution of a starter Pokemon 
2/Evolved Spider 
3/Jesse's bug Pokemon 
4/Based on a rose 
6/A Dragon 
7/Has a shield of spikes 
1/Can bend spoons with it mind 
2/Important part of Team Rocket in the anime 
3/Also a Fairy type 
4/Evolves from a dawn stone 
5/Fully-evolved greenish pokemon 
6/It's a fox 
7/Also a normal type 
1/Also known as Lord Helix 
2/Mega Evolves 
3/Mega Evolves 
4/Evolves from Gen 1 
5/Also a Water Type 
6/It's a T-rex 
7/Resembles something from Space 
1/Three of another Pokemon stuck together 
3/Champion Steven's Signature Pokemon 
5/Signature move is Gear Grind 
6/Swords and a Shield 
7/Sophocles's Signature Pokemon in the anime 
1/Evolves from one of the weakest Pokemon 
2/Signature move is Octozooka 
3/Main Pokemon to Team Aqua Members 
4/Reference to Napoleon 
5/Resembles a tortoise 
6/Super Smash Bros fighter 
7/Also a Fairy type 
1/Electric Pokemon 
2/The Rainbow Bird 
3/Evolves using a Meteorite 
4/Main Pokemon of Pokemon Platinum 
5/Related to music 
6/Uses rings as portals 
7/Resembles a plug 
1/Rename a Pokemon Sparky in Pokemon Go to get this Pokemon 
2/Based on the word armory 
3/Based on a chicken 
4/A steel type 
5/A Bird 
6/ Signature move is Water Shuriken 
7/ Looks like a Pikachu 
Number 1
Fire- Type Starter 

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