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Main Character
Main Character's Brother
Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
Main Enemy
Mushroom Kingdom Residents
Rideable Companion
Brown Mushroom Enemy
Turtle Enemy
Flying Turtle Enemy
Flying Mushroom Enemy
Red and White Flower Enemy
Small Blue Shelled Enemy
Most Common Bullet Enemy
Shelled Enemy on a Flying Cloud
Red Spiked Enemy
Most Common Explosive Enemy
Turtle Skeleton Enemy
Most Common Ghost Enemy
Main Enemy's Son
Princess of Sarasaland
Protects the Lumas
Donkey Kong's Captive
Mario's Very First Enemy
Baby Main Character
Baby Main Character's Brother
Baby Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
Baby Princess of Sarasaland
Baby Large Turtle Enemy
Baby Protector of Lumas
Baby Ape
Baby Anti-Mario
Inventor of FLUDD and the Poltergust
Water Jetpack
Ruler of the Ghosts
Ruler of the Bombs
Flat Main Character
Flat Main Character's Brother
Flat Princess
Flat Large Koopa
Flat Son of Large Koopa
Wizard Koopa
Flat Wizard Koopa
Bleh Heh Heh
Jester Boss of Super Paper Mario
First Boss of Paper Mario
Luigi's Evil Side
Leader of the Xnauts
Grodus' Second in Command
Leader of the Shadow Sirens
Shapeshifting Green Girl
Buff Minion of Count Bleck
Bleck's Secretary?
First Boss of Super Paper Mario
Red Buzzy Beetle With a Spike on His Head
Koopa That Throws Hammers
Koopa That Throws Boomerangs
Koopa That Throws Fireballs
Koopa That Throws Iceballs
Bowser's 7 Henchmen
Fat Koopa That Throws Hammers
Male Fortune Teller From Paper Mario Series
Girl Toad
Old Toad
Masked Red Guy
Flying Masked Red Guy
Obese Masked Red Guy from Paper Mario
7 Characters You Must Save in Paper Mario
Giant Stone Enemies That Try to Crush You
Walking Stone Enemies That Try to Crush You
King of Walking Stone Enemies
Helpful Bombs
Living Ball and Chain
Pink Egg-shooting Dinosaur
Yoshi's Dog?
Skeleton Koopa King
Host of Mario Party 8
Main Boss in Super Mario Bros 2
Recurring Mario and Luigi Series Enemy
Boss of Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga
Purple Mushroom Enemies
Blue Wooden Ally from Mario RPG
White Fluffy Ally in Mario RPG
Living Yellow Cactus
Fire-breathing Plant
Paper Mario Goomba Partner
Paper Mario Koopa Partner
Paper Mario Bob-omb Partner
Paper Mario Paratroopa Partner
Paper Mario Boo Partner
Paper Mario Electric Partner
Paper Mario Lakitu Partner
Tiny Star Companion of Paper Peach
Paper Mario TTYD Goomba Partner
Paper Mario TTYD Koopa Partner
Paper Mario TTYD Yoshi Partner
Paper Mario TTYD Windy Partner
Paper Mario TTYD Bob-omb Partner
Paper Mario TTYD Shadow Siren Partner
Paper Mario TTYD Mouse Partner
Super Paper Mario Butterfly Pixl
Paper Mario Sticker Star Partner
Super Paper Mario Throwing Pixl
Super Paper Mario Explosive Pixl
Super Paper Mario Thin Pixl
Super Paper Mario Flipping Pixl
Super Paper Mario Carrying Pixl
Super Paper Mario Ground-Pound Pixl
Super Paper Mario Tiny Pixl
Super Paper Mario Hammer Pixl
Super Paper Mario Robot Butterfly Pixl
Super Paper Mario Barrier Pixl
Super Paper Mario Speed Pixl
Super Paper Mario Musical Pixl
Metal Ball Enemy With Horns
Ice Ball Enemy With Horns
Large Metal Ball Enemy With Horns
Football Player Enemy
Ruler of Purple Mushroom Enemies
Triceratops Enemy
Helper of Bowser That Loves to Swing His Arms
Helper of Bowser That Loves to Throw Projectiles
Fighter Enemy That Causes The Ground To Shake and Causes Fire Below Him
Lava Enemy That Tries to eat Mario
Star People of Super Mario Galaxy
Fat Luma
Fire Octopus Boss
Mario Galaxy Enemy That Starts out Trapped in His Egg
Monkey from Super Mario 64
Minigame Monkey From Mario Galaxy 2
Penguin Enemies from the New Super Mario Bros Series
Space Goombas That Resemble Octoroks
Large Bullet Bill
Larger Bullet Bill
Underwater Bullet Bill
Black Blobs Usually Found on Tracks
Enemies That Hop Out of Lava
Explorer Toad
Female Explorer Toad
Who Must Be Save in Super Mario 3D World
Tiny Brown Mushroom Enemies
Super Mario World Goomba Enemies
Dead Fish
Fish Enemies
Squid Enemies
Large Piranha Plant Enemy
Large Spuid Boss From Super Mario Sunshine
Manta Ray Boss
Paintbrush Mario
Man Disguised as a Pianta
Piranha Plant Made of Goop
Mole Enemy
Mole Enemy That Throws Wrenches
Top Enemy
Giant Robot By Bowser Jr in Super Mario Galaxy
Enemy That Throws Giant Spiked Balls
Companion in Paper Mario Color Splash
Crab Enemies From Mario Bros.
Turtle Enemies From Mario Bros.
Spiked Purple Underwater Creature
Fireball Enemy From Super Mario Bros 2
3-headed Snake
Super Mario Bros 2 Mask Enemy
Mouse Enemy From Super Mario Bros 2
Shy Guy That Shoots Bullets
Lakitu Bos From New Super Mario Bros
Recurring Companion in the Mario and Luigi Series
Hammer Bro on Flying Blocks
Flower Enemy from Yoshi's Island
Pogo Stick Boss From Super Mario RPG
Spider Enemy
Ghost Rock Boss From Super Mario Galaxy
Icy Boss From Super Mario 64 DS
Eel Boss From Mario Sunshine
Eel from Super Mario 64
Small Robotic Turtles
Tiny Thwomp
Delfino Residents
Super Paper Mario Boss From Chapter 7
Yellow Cloud Enemy
Boney Dragon from Paper Mario TTYD
Boss of the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials
Paper Mario Chapter 7 Boss
Bird Wrestler
Very Large Boo
Bowser's Assistant in the Paper Mario Series
Boss From Super Mario Land
Purple Bunny Character From New Super Mario Bros U
Enemy That Can Give You the Super Acorn
Tiny White Flower Enemy
Tiny Black Flower Enemy
Grey Enemy With Boxing Gloves
Purplish Dinosaur From Super Mario World
Springboard Enemy
Electric Ball Enemy
Ninja Enemy From Super Mario Bros 2
Sun Enemy
Snowman Enemy
Bug Enemy From Mario Bros
Boss of Super Mario RPG
Koopa Explorer From Paper Mario
Sword That Guards Bowser's Castle in Super Mario RPG
Water Bug Enemies
Pink Balls That Throw You
Red Dragon Enemy From Super Mario RPG
Clones From Space
Bat Enemy
Enemy That Blows Gusts of Wind
Spinning From Paper Mario
Metal Ball That Spits Fire
Explosive Ghost
Duck Enemy
Large Purple Magikoopa
Bird Enemy That Drops Bombs
Angry Instrument
Large Red Fish From Super Mario World
Large Spiked Purple Fish
Common Fish Enemies From Super Mario World
Tornado Enemy
Common Super Mario Sunshine Enemies
Buzzy Beetle That Throws Blocks
Paper Mario Fish Partner
Thieving Enemy
Ice Ball Enemy
Ice Ball Boss
Enemy Full of Coins
Enemies That Always Come in Groups
Ant Enemy
Rolling Stone Enemy
Vine-climbing Bug Enemy From Super Mario Bros 2
Fire Ball Enemy
Enemy Made of a Line of Fireballs
Bouncy Penguin Enemy
Race of Tiny Grey Creatures in Paper Mario
Paper Mario Boss Made Up of Many Blobs
Electric Turtle
Vulture Enemy
Small Chain Chomp
Masked White Bird Enemy From Super Mario Bros 2
Bird on a Magic Carpet
Green Ghost
Red Ghost
Yellow Ghost
Dr. Mario's Enemies
Bird That Smashed Its Head on the Ground
Bird Boss From Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
New Super Mario Bros Wind-blowing Enemy
Rat Enemy
Long Spiked Bending Enemy From the New Super Mario Bros Series
Marching Enemies From Super Mario 3D World
Boos That Move in a Set Pattern
The First Boss in Yoshi's Island
Raven Boss in Yoshi's Island
The Orange Ridable Dinosaur
Snow Cactus
Mutli-colored Chain Chomp Boss
Large Flowery Boss
Skeleton Pirate Boss
Fiery Piranha Plant Boss
Ghost Space Goomba
Purple Pincer Bugs in Super Mario Galaxy
Spiked Bird From Super Mario Galaxy
Bird Enemy From Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
Small Dragon Enemy
Shapeshifting Ghost
Ghost With a Lantern
Crow Enemy
Shy Guy on Stlits
Large Shy Guy
Giant Level-destroying Chain Chomp
Grodus's Minions
A Very Common Purple Enemy in Super Paper Mario
Tiny Squid Enemy
Tiny Top Enemy
Metallic Main Character
Metallic Princess
Shark Enemy
Musical Enemy From Super Paper Mario
Residents of Chapter 5 of Super Paper Mario
Spike with a Club?
Wiggler With Wings
Rare Cloud Enemy From Super Mario 64
Giant Lava Monster From Super Mario Galaxy
Ruler of the Sammer Kingdom
Super Paper Mario Character That Gives Mario His 3D Abilities
Fortune Teller From Super Paper Mario
Robot Mario Kart Race
Donkey Kong's Son
Giant Bee
Moon Character From Mario Party
Sun Character From Mario Party
Boss of the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials
Chameleon Super Paper Mario Boss
Peach's Umbrella Companion
Mandibug Boss
Topman Boss
Spider Boss From Super Mario Galaxy

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