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What overseas college does Willow get accepted to?
What vampires drink Buffy's blood?
What does Joyce die from?
Who is killed by a pack of hyenas in season one?
Who is Faith afraid of when she is first introduced?
Who kills Kendra?
Where did Spike kill Principal Wood's mother?
What is the last episode Cordelia appears in?
What is the last episode Joyce appears in (not as The First)
Who spread rumors about Buffy being a lesbian before coming out himself? (He dumped her before homecoming)
Who is Giles' British love interest?
How does Buffy kill Kralik in Helpless?
What does Glory say Sunnydale doesn't have enough of?
What does Anya say are 'Un-American?'
When does Riley return to Sunnydale? (Which season)
What two girls does Warren kill?
Who asks Xander to prom?
Who does D'Hoffryn kill?
Who is Dawn's best friend?
What does Buffy's dad take her to for her birthday?
Hint Answer
Whose vampire gang conspires against her in season 5?
What book does Eddie keep as a secuirty blanket?
How many hearts do the Gentlemen need?
What causes Willow to stop abusing magic?
How does Oz jokingly suggest to defeat the Mayor?
Who destroys Anya's pendant?
Who last speaks to the Buffybot?
Who does Buffy first tell about her relationship with Spike?
In what episode does Buffy tell Joyce she's the Slayer?
What vampire hosts Slayerfest '98?
Who wants to become a vampire?
Where does Willow first meet Oz?
What does Buffy forget when making lemonade for Parent-Teacher Night?
Where does Buffy initially tell Joyce Angel is from?
What is the acronym for Joyce's anti-monster group?
What does Buffy get before the Trio turns her invisible?
Where does Xander work after his car breaks down during his cross-country roadtrip?
What day does Anya tell the Council she was born on?
Who does Buffy meet in the desert?
Who kills Anya?

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