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Can you name the people, places, and events of World War II?

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Axis power country
Major Allies country
Japanese city destroyed by bombing
Famous person who broadcasted propaganda for Axis
Location where British troops evacuated after Battle of France
Nazi extermination camp
Only MLB postseason appearance in team's history in 1944
Sunken battleship memorialized at Pearl Harbor
Key Pacific battle gave U.S. dominance over Japan
Country at war with Japan 4 years prior to Pearl Harbor attack
Largest tank battle of war
U.S. location where Nazi spies by submarine landed on June 13, 1942
Nickname for America's famous heavy bomber plane
Birth country of Nazi leader Hitler
Chinese city invaded by Japan in 1937
Japanese prime minister at time of Pearl Harbor attack
Italian dictator captured & shot at end of war
Response by U.S. General McAuliffe when asked to surrender to Germans at Bastogne
Emperor of Japan during World War II
U.S. president delivered 'day of infamy' speech
U.S. president who succeeded him

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