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Can you name the 29 counties in the state of Utah?

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HintCountyPlaces/Things of interest
Chemical element with the symbol 'C'9 Mile Canyon, Goblin Valley
Col. Thomas L. ______, friend of Mormon settlersUtah's Little Hollywood
Trapper's hide furs hereLogan Canyon, Bluebird Candy, Gossner's Cheese
Another name for the Utah Indian Chief San PitchManti Pagent, Turkey Capital of Utah
Chemical element with the symbol 'Fe'Cedar Breaks, Utah Shakespeare Festival
Geena, Sammy & Mac to name a fewAntelope Island, Lagoon
A type of horseDevil's Slide, Browning Arms Headquarters
Unusual name - usually misspelled and misspronouncedDugway Proving Grounds, Bonneville Salt Flats
Named after the first US PresidentUtah's Dixie
Indian word meaning 'thirsty valley'Sand Dunes
A type of maple treeThiokol, Utah's Fruitway
One of five Indian tribes of UtahAwesome ATV Trail system
Common 'U'' in U of U, USU, CEU, UVU, SUUBYU, Seven Peaks, Thanksgiving Point
You're a ________ old flagArches and Canyonlands
Opposite of poorBear Lake, Famous Raspberry Shakes
HintCountyPlaces/Things of interest
Harsh, stern, strict (but spelled differently)Cathedral Valley - Land of the Sleeping Rainbows
A board used to file a nailSan Rafael Swell, 'The Little Grand Canyon'
A Ute Indian word meaning 'dark canyon'Starvation Reservoir
160 mile long mountain range in UtahHeber Valley Railroad, The Homestead
'Great' lake in UtahState Capitol, Temple Square, Hogle Zoo
John, Newton, Dwayne, & Bruce - to name a fewsRobber's Roost, Capitol Reef National Park
Named for the President of US 1850-1853 (first name)Fishlake National Forest
When you are 'in' this county, you are 'in' UtahDinosaur National Monument
Odie's feline friendBryce Canyon
Leave it to __________Halfway between Salt Lake City & Las Vegas
Spanish name meaning Saint John4 corners area
Top of a mountainHighest mountain ranges in Utah
Named for a canyon, a basin, and a river - pronounced with a LONG 'E'Snowbasin Ski Resort, Willard Bay
Last name of Utah's first Surveyor GeneralGateway to Flaming Gorge

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