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What were Italians willing to spend a lot of money on?
Who patronized many works of Renaissance art?
Who focused on how rulers should rule and said ''it's better to be feared than loved...''
What was the cultural movement that influenced literature, philosophy, art, politics, science, and religion during the 14th-17th century?
True or False: Renaissance scholars focused on the Humanist method of study, fixating on realism and human emotion.
What banking family from Florence is known for being patrons of the arts?
The Renaissance is said to start in which country?
What Term is used to describe a person that has a broad knowledge about many things in different fields?
True or False: Art was used a a form of competition for social and political status.
A new professional class of this type of profession be came more abundant:
What resource became more cheaper and more abundant?
Books helped standardize what?
True or False: Literacy rates decreased during the Renaissance.
Renaissance is the french word meaning what?
The printing pressed that was invented in Europe during the Renaissance was named after who?
Who wrote ''The Book of the Courtier''?
The book mentioned above served as a handbook to who?
True of False: Women were educated just as much as men
What modern system was was created during this time?
Which city controlled the banking for most of Europe?
Who heavily taxed the people but didn't give them voting rights?
Public art became supported by what?
''The Trinity'' a piece of work by Masaccio is a prime example of what type of art?
Renaissance art emphasized what?
How were figures arranged in works of art?
Who crated the dome on the Cathedral in Florence?
Who wrote ''The Divine Comedy''?
Rafael was best known for his portrayal of this, also known as the Virgin Mary?
The Gutenberg press printed the first bible in what year?
Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

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