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Who comes back from the dead in the season 11 finale?
who plays Dean Winchester?
who was the demon that betrayed sam?
who plays Sam Winchester?
What season did Lilith die?
Who plays John Winchester?
In 'The Curious Case of Dean Winchester' who eventually beats the Witch in poker?
In ' Changing Channels' what STD does Sam have?
What was the name of the demon that killed Mary and Jess?
Who tortured Dean in Hell?
In the episode 'Tall Tales' what website was Sam's computer stuck on?
How did Ash die?
what is dean's nickname for sam?
what is sam's nickname for dean?
what kind of car does dean drive? (include year)
How do you kill a vampire?
What do you use to kill Leviathans?
What episode is this line from 'I hope your apple pie was freaking worth it?'
What was the name of the second episode?
What was the name of the psychic in the episode 'Home?'
What is Sam and Dean's half brother's first name?
Who said 'I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition?'
Who does Sam marry in season 7?
Who is Chuck Shurley?
Which of the Horseman gave Dean his ring?
what makes Dr. Sexy sexy?
What was the creature in the episode 'Faith?'
who is two main people in the ghost facers?
Who built the colt?
when was the colt built?
Agent Henrickson shot who when he was possessed?
what actor plays castiel?
How many years did Bobby lose playing poker with a witch?
how long did Dean serve in Hell?
What day were the Winchesters stuck in during the episode 'Mystery Spot?'

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