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Forced Order
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Sarah's Last Name
Arbor changed its name from Arbor to ______
Name of person Sarah liked all year
Tylers favorite college team
Adams girlfriends name
Joshs favorite place to study
Matt and ____ are super cute
Sarahs friend who comes over to study
Nicks girlfriends name
Loves black men
Cheever's first name
The one who did not talk
Got lost because of Sarah on the way back from MSU
Tyler and Adams friend who knows person from question 3
Frat boy
Nerf gun king
Person who technically lived in West Seeley
Coolest CA (from Arbor!)
Nickname for psycho security
Sarah, Tyler, and Josh go to
person who ordered food everyday
Person who got jimmy johns farrr too much
Person we all love the most
Tyler and Joshs fave bball player
the only one who still hasnt added sarah on fb

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