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Can you name the most successful groups that debuted before 2010 based on the most viewed song vs. most liked song vs. music show wins?

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BANG BANG BANG (501 Mill.) 
I AM THE BEST (282 Mill.) 
Gee (266 Mill.) 
Mr. Simple (191 Mill.) 
Crazy (145 Mill.) 
This Love OST (138 Mill.) 
Ring Ding Dong (132 Mill.) 
Electric Shock (131 Mill.) 
STEP (104 Mill.) 
NOBODY (Eng. Ver.) (98,2 Mill.) 
FICTION (97 Mill.) 
NUMBER NINE (72,2 Mill.) 
MIROTIC (70,5 Mill.) 
HANDS UP (68 Mill.) 
I Don't Love You (50,3 Mill.) 
No Matter Where (45,2 Mill.) 
Abracadabra (38,1 Mill.) 
LOVEYA (37,4 Mill.) 
Poison (24,7 Mill.) 
Severely (23,1 Mill) 
First Love (22,9 Mill.) 
NEVERLAND (20,6 Mill.) 
Break Up In The Morning (19,1 Mil.) 
By My Side OST (18,8 Mill.) 
BORN HATER (18,7 Mill.) 
How About You (16,2 Mill.) 
You (16,1 Mill.) 
Never Let You Go (15,8 Mill.) 
MONA LISA (15,7 Mill.) 
The Love (14,5 Mill.) 
Tears (ft. Eugene) (14,3 Mill.) 
Yearning Heart (13,8 Mill.) 
A (13 Mill.) 
My Lecon (11,7 Mill.) 
Paradise OST (9,1 Mill.) 
ALL FOR YOU (8,6 Mill.) 
Shower Of Tears (ft. Ailee) (8,1 Mill.) 
This Love (7,5 Mill.) 
Your Fortune (7,5 Mill.) 
Sunflower (ft. MJ of SunnySide) (7 Mill.) 
nosedive (with CHEN) (6,6 Mill.) 
Midnight Circus (4,7 Mill.) 
Rain And You (4,2 Mill.) 
When We Were Us (3,9 Mill.) 
Paradise (3,8 Mill.) 
Star Shower (3,6 Mill.) 
Blind (3 Mill.) 
Because I Am a Woman (2,7 Mill.) 
One More Time (2,6 Mill.) 
Emergency Room OST (2,2 Mill.) 
BANG BANG BANG (4,7 Mill.) 
I AM THE BEST (2,4 Mill.) 
Lo Siento (ft. Leslie Grace) (1,8 Mill.) 
I GOT A BOY(1,8 Mill.) 
Crazy (1,4 Mill.) 
Ring Ding Dong (1,2 Mill.) 
Electric Shock (927K) 
This Love OST (694K) 
My House (589K) 
Why So Lonely (577K) 
Sugar Free (461K) 
LOVEYA (317K) 
When We Were Us (281K) 
Abracadabra (237K) 
Severely (235K) 
I Don't Love You (169K) 
Smoky Girl (141K) 
Poison (137K) 
Paradise (136K) 
Flashback (135K) 
This Love (130K) 
COUPLE (124K) 
Never Let You Go (105K) 
No Matter Where (101K) 
nosedive (with CHEN) (96K) 
My Lecon (91K) 
A (68K) 
You (67K) 
Tears (ft. Eugene) (65K) 
Yearning Heart (65K) 
Thorn Love OST (55K) 
The Love (54K) 
Blind (53K) 
Paradise OST (49K) 
Midnight Circus (44K) 
Star Shower (43K) 
How About You (41K) 
By My Side OST (41K) 
HOT (24K) 
Shower Of Tears (ft. Ailee) (22K) 
Let me go (20K) 
Saturday Night (14K) 
Because I Am a Woman (13K) 
My Everything (13K) 
Music Show Wins
Lion Heart (100 Wins) 
Haru Haru (92 Wins) 
I Love You (87 Wins) 
Happiness (78 Wins) 
Lies (77 Wins) 
Twist King (74 Wins) 
You'll Never Know (72 Wins) 
I Know (71 Wins) 
Sniper (71 Wins) 
Mr. Simple (61 Wins) 
MIROTIC (60 Wins) 
Dream Girl (59 Wins) 
Good Luck (59 Wins) 
Destiny (58 Wins) 
Tell Me (45 Wins) 
I Don't Care (43 Wins) 
Something Special (41 Wins) 
Again & Again (41 Wins) 
The Angel Who Lost Wings (40 Wins) 
My Heart's Treasure Box (34 Wins) 
Electric Shock (33 Wins) 
Killer (32 Wins) 
Disco King (29 Wins) 
You in My Imagination (29 Wins) 
I Wish (28 Wins) 
Lovey-Dovey (28 Wins) 
Love's Poem (27 Wins) 
Lupin (27 Wins) 
Coward (25 Wins) 
Like A Man (24 Wins) 
What’s Your Name (23 Wins) 
Run (21 Wins) 
8282 (20 Wins) 
Love Like This (20 Wins) 
Endless Love (17 Wins) 
Tell Me Tell Me (17 Wins) 
One More Time (17 Wins) 
On An Empty Street (14 Wins) 
Wings (14 Wins) 
HOT 뜨거 (13 Wins) 
Sixth Sense (12 Wins) 
Can't Let You Go Even If I Die (11 Wins) 
Gimme! Gimme! (9 Wins) 
I Swear (6 Wins) 
Love's Greetings (8 Wins) 
Pado / Miracle (7 Wins) 
A Better Day (7 Wins) 
BAAAM (7 Wins) 
Shy Boy (6 Wins) 
Already One Year (6 Wins) 

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