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Can you name the most successful groups that debuted in 2017 based on the most viewed song vs. most liked song vs. music show wins?

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Energetic (141 Mill.) 
Don't Recall (74 Mill.) 
Plz Don’t Be Sad (38,9 Mill.) 
WEE WOO (38,3 Mill.) 
365 FRESH (37,7 Mill.) 
REVEAL (32 Mill.) 
BOCA (31,8 Mill.) 
ONE(Lucid Dream) (27,3 Mill.) 
My Flower (25,8 Mill.) 
SORRY (18,5 Mill.) 
Dejavu (15,6 Mill.) 
COOL (14,1 Mill.) 
SAVAGE (14 Mill.) 
Sukhumvit Swimming (10,8 Mill.) 
Girl Front (10 Mill.) 
Spectrum (5,7 Mill.) 
LOCA (4,9 Mill.) 
I’M THE ONE (4,1 Mill.) 
SHE BAD (3,4 Mill.) 
Rolly (3,3 Mill.) 
Deep Blue Eyes (3,2 Mill.) 
Love&Live (2,6 Mill.) 
YEAH (2,6 Mill.) 
Summer Dream (2,4 Mill.) 
SnapShot (2,3 Mill.) 
FINALE (1,9 Mill.) 
ECHO (1,8 Mill.) 
Grapes (1,8 Mill.) 
PARADISE (1,5 Mill.) 
It Will Be Good (1,4 Mill.) 
Take It (1,3 Mill.) 
FEEL LIKE THIS (1,2 Mill.) 
Like A Flower (1,2 Mill.) 
All You Want (1,2 Mill.) 
Juliette (1,2 Mill.) 
U R My Only One (1,1 Mill.) 
Wonder (1,1 Mill.) 
WAVE (1 Mill.) 
Like You (848K) 
Be On You (732K) 
We Got The Power (649K) 
Moonlight (610K) 
Catch You (595K) 
Love Me (572K) 
Sad Story (439K) 
Good Job (373K) 
Say Yes (371K) 
Where U At (345K) 
ICE CHU (343K) 
Will You Be Ma (311K) 
Energetic (2,2 Mill.) 
Don't Recall (1,3 Mill.) 
BOCA (764K) 
365 FRESH (760K) 
SORRY (680K) 
My Flower (582K) 
Plz Don’t Be Sad (544K) 
No Air (526K) 
Dejavu (498K) 
SAVAGE (497K) 
WEE WOO (454K) 
Picky Picky (379K) 
Grapes (257K) 
Girl Front (231K) 
YEAH (188K) 
EDEN (185K) 
I’M THE ONE (180K) 
LOCA (140K) 
SnapShot (138K) 
FINALE (121K) 
SHE BAD (119K) 
Complete (112K) 
Rolly (109K) 
ECHO (98K) 
Love&Live (97K) 
Take It (92K) 
Be On You (82K) 
WAVE (81K) 
Spectrum (76K) 
Deep Blue Eyes (76K) 
It Will Be Good (71K) 
Like A Flower (71K) 
U R My Only One (70K) 
Pow Pow (70K) 
Moonlight (45K) 
Turn It Up (63K) 
Sad Story (29K) 
Will You Be Ma (26K) 
Like You (26K) 
Catch You (24K) 
Wonder (19K) 
Say Yes (18K) 
Puppet (18K) 
Compass (N.E.W.S) (18K) 
Where U At (16K) 
Good Job (15K) 
ICE CHU (13K) 
Music Show Wins
Energetic (49 Wins)  
Plz don't be sad (11 Wins) 
The Stealer (5 Wins) 
Where You At (4 Wins) 
Pump It Up (4 Wins) 
My Flower (1 Win) 

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