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Can you name the missing words to the declaration of independence preamble?

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Declaration lineMissing word
We hold these ______ to be self-evident
That all ___ are created equal
That they are endowed by their _______
with _______ unalienable rights
That among these are ____, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness
That to ______ these rights
___________ are instituted among men
deriving their ____ powers
from the _______ of the governed
That whenever any form of governement becomes ___________ of these ends
it is the Right of the People to _____ or to abolish it
and to institute new government, ______ its foundation on such principles
and organizing its ______ in such form
as to them shall seem most likely to effect their ______ and happiness
Prudence, indeed will _______
that governments ____ established
Declaration lineMissing word
should not be ________
for light and _________ causes
and accordingly all experience hath shewn that _______
are more disposed to ______
while _____ are sufferable
than to right themselves by abolishing the _____ to which they are accustomed
but when a long train of _______ and usurpations
pursuing invariably the same ______
evinces a _______ to reduce them
under ________ Despotism
it is _____ right
it is their ____
to _____ off such government
and to provide new ______
for their ______ security

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