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Description Character
The strong, silent type that lives on a mountain and acts as a final boss.
It's a me!
She heals you when you're weak and has barely any clothes on.
A male with pointy ears and green clothes who makes surprisingly good cat noises
Rollin' around at the speed of sound! Got places to go gotta follow my rainbow!
I'm arrogant and rude and I have a weird obsession with smelling people.
I am the ultimate life form.
Blocks... blocks everywhere... why is everything made of blocks?! Oh my god! I'm made of blocks too!
I like emeralds and often get stuck in wells.
I'm a cross dresser!
I never shut up and always try to get your attention only to tell you the same thing fifty times.
Description Character
I am protector of the master emerald.
Even though you're right in front of me and my eyes work perfectly fine I can't tell if you're a boy or girl.
I'm depressing and I have a hand that shakes uncontrollably
I'm depressed and listen to music.
Don't worry, I'm just a talking mushroom that wears clothes.
Oh... I've been kidnapped again....
Heh... heh. Get it... TromBONE
I'm having an Identity crisis.
Pew pew.
Waka Waka
My puppy is the cutest puppy and is much cuter than that puppy over there.

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