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You know it all, you're my best friend
Peaches and cream, sweeter than sweet, chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings
A day may come where we lose, but it is not today!
Is it true? Is it true? You. You. You.
Maybe I, I can never fly.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, my brother.
Take me to the sky-y-y-y
I pray, love you my brother
Never, never fall
I need your love before I fall, fall
Don't tell me bye bye. You make me cry, cry. Love is a lie, lie.
Ey oh, ladies and gentlemen!
Say what you want!
Yes I'm a bad boy, so I like bad girl
Converse, converse, I really hate converse
I could read your mind
Baby, baby, tonight.
I don't give a sh**, I don't give a f***
My tongue technology!
You mu be kiddin' me!
You worth it, you perfect, deserve it just work it
The world's goin' crazy!
Lost my way eh, wa-a-a-a-ay, oh
I love, I love, I love myself
I'm betta then ya lazy

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