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Can you name the Mario and Sonic 2016 Olympic Games Characters?

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TeamCharacter NameMain factor
Team MarioBig Ape
Team SonicRobot out for revenge
Team MarioSkeleton of the Koopa King
Team SonicCat from the future
Team MarioSkeleton of a koopa troopa
Team SonicIT'S NO USE
Team MarioTomboy
Team SonicDon't trust Machines
Team MarioPrincess of the Mushroom kingdom
Team SonicMad Scientist
Team MarioKoopa Kid heavyweight
Team SonicNinja of the Chaotix
Team MarioThing that pukes out eggs
Team SonicLoves Sonic
Team MarioCharacter actually owned and made by Camelot
Team SonicEggman of the Future
Team MarioBig Ape's Best Friend
Team SonicThe Deadly 6 Leader
Team MarioPower up Theif
Team SonicGuardian Of the Master Emerald
TeamCharacter NameMain factor
Team MarioKoopa Kid leader
Team SonicMaster Emerald Theif
Team MarioRival of Mario/ Microgame Manager
Team SonicBabylonian Rogue's leader
Team MarioKing of the Koopa Empire
Team SonicBabylonian Rouge's girl
Team MarioOne of the Koopa Kid
Team SonicRobot Clone of Sonic
Team Mario Hero Of the Mushroom Kingdom
Team SonicFaster than the speed of Sound
Team MarioThe Underdog
Team SonicThe Deadly 6's Enforcer
Team MarioPrince of the Koopa Empire
Team SonicRabbit with a Chao
Team MarioKoopa Kid's only Girl
Team SonicThe Chaotix's brute and leader
Team MarioMother of the Lumas and can control space and time
Team SonicSonic's best friend
Team MarioThe fun loving Dinosaur
Team SonicSonic's rival

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