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the limit as x approches 0 of (sinx)/x=
where f'(c) = 0 or is undefined
Can occur at an endpoint or at a critical number
places where concavity changes
if LHL does not equal RHL then...
the limit DNE if f(x) ___
if the limit is equal to + or - infinity the limit DNE because ___
limits and H.A are ___
there is a V.A if the limit is approaching ___
___ represents the average rate of change
the derivative is the slope of the ___
If y=c, then dy/dx=?
relative extrema occur only at ___
if f'(x) is positive for every x in (a,b), then f is
if f'(x0 is negative for every x in (a,b) then f is __
if f''(x) is positive in (a,b) then f is __
if f''(x) is negative in (a,b) then f is __
Ms. Bowman's puppy's name
Ms. Bowman is very picky about___.
What is your favorite class???

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