Can you name the answers to these Naruto trivia questions?

Know your manga and your anime!
Kimimaro is from what (now extinct) ninja clan?
Orochimaru has enhanced healing power that comes from what? (hint: Sasuke gets it too when he absorbs him)
How old was Itachi when he first experienced war?
What is the book that Naruto got his name from?
Who gave the Sannin their name?
What was the name of the boy who was once Pein's one of his bodies?
Where is the Akatsuki main headquarters located?
What ninja village is Deidara from?
How many hearts does Kakazu have?
What is Sasuke's original non-chakra based lightning technique called?
What did the Sage of Six Paths create as a result of the Jyuubi?
Anko often eats what food?
Haku first poses as what kind of ninja when he first meets Team 7?
What book did Jiraiya reference in the code he left on Fukasaku before he died?
What is the name of Madara's brother?
Killerbee is the host to which demon?
What is the survival percentage of those who receive the Cursed Seal?
Which Mangekyou technique activates when Sasuke sees Madara's Sharingan?
Know your manga and your anime!
Who killed Yahiko?
What did Ino give Sakura when they were younger so that she would show her forehead?
Who was the first person to acknowledge Naruto?
What object does Naruto use to prank Kakashi at their first meeting as Team 7?
The Hyuuga style of fighting is called what?
What kind of ninjutsu element does Deidara use?
What feature of the Sage of Six Paths did the Uchiha clan inherit the most?
What are the 'commas' in the Sharingan eye properly called?
What was the name of Tsunade's now-deceased lover?
When Chiyo first sees Kakashi, who does she mistaken him for?
'Akasuna no Sasori' means what?
Hidan worships what god?
Who influenced Shikamaru to smoke?
What is the first name of the Sandaime Hokage?
What was the nickname of Namikaze Minato?
What kind of Kyuubi chakra did the Yondaime seal into Naruto?
What is the name of Kisame's sword?
In the Forest of Death, Rock Lee saves what kind of animal from exploding? =p
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