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Name the worst characters in each piece of literature.

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BookCharacter Name Hint
HamletTweedledee and Tweedledum
Streetcar Named DesireStuck up Southern Belle
Invisible ManTalks too much and lives in a hole
Streetcar Named DesireI beat my wife
Waiting for GodotI've fallen and I can't get back up
Wuthering HeightsWimpy loser; I'm more feminine than my wife
HamletThe original a-hole; so far up the king's butt that he can't get his head out
Heart of DarknessRussian who has a man-crush on Kurtz
Wuthering Heights T' maister's down i' t' fowld. Go round by th' end o' t' laith, if ye went to spake to him.
HamletHas a thing for brothers
BookCharacter Name Hint
Wuthering HeightsI slap guys to make them like me; I'm more masculine than my husband
Wuthering HeightsI lay with dead girls
A Brave New WorldForever Alone
Brighton RockBig breasted, self-righteous woman
Wuthering HeightsDon't touch me I'll break
A Clockwork OrangeHarbors the person who sexually assaults his wife
Brighton RockBlind and dumb
Heart of DarknessHe's Just Not That Into Her
Slaughterhouse FiveThe Third Wheel of the Three Musketeers

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