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This planet served (at different times) as the capital of the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire, the New Republic, and the Galactic Alliance.
Master Yoda exiles himself to this obscure swamp planet after failing to defeat the self-proclaimed ruler of the galaxy, Darth Sidious.
The idyllic floating paradise of Cloud City is located within the habitable zone of this gas giant, which is rich in tibanna deposits.
The battle over this moon of the planet Yavin resulted in the destruction of the first Death Star at the hands of Luke Skywalker and the Rebel forces.
This arid Outer Rim planet was once home to the ancient Sith race and served as the burial grounds for the Dark Lords of the Sith.
This peaceful Core World and adoptive homeworld of Princess Leia Organa was mercilessly destroyed by the Death Star's superlaser in 0 BBY.
This desert planet, speckled with numerous, unsavory spaceports ('hives of scum and villainy'), is baked by the heat of twin yellow suns.
This tropical Mid Rim planet is home to the towering, kilometer-high wroshyr trees in which the mighty Wookiee race constructs its treetop cities.
This defenseless Mid Rim world was the site of a ruthless blockade and eventual invasion by the Trade Federation and it's droid forces.
This barren, rocky world's asteroid rings are harvested and mined for minerals to be used in its extensive underground droid foundries.
This wild and primordial planet was where the first studies concerning the mysterious energy known as the 'Force' were conducted.
The Holy Order of Jedi Knights was officially established on this planet, which also served as the historical site of the Great Jedi Library.
The decisive battle at this moon saw the death of Emperor Palpatine and the collapse of the Empire.
This tropical jungle planet served as the capital of the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War.
This large asteroid was infamous for its spice mining operations and Imperial forced labor camps.
The InterGalactic Banking Clan is based out of this temperate, mineral-rich planet in the Outer Rim.
This planet is a hub for intragalactic commerce and lies at the intersection of the Corellian Run and Corellian Trade Spine hyperspace routes.
The galaxy's premier shipbuilding company (abbreviated 'KDY') was founded on this Core World by 'The Ten' in approximately 25,053 BBY.
This aquatic world is referred to as 'Dac' by its inhabitants and was the largest contributor to the Rebel Alliance's naval forces.
This sinkhole world served as the final hideout for General Grievous and the Separatist leaders in the waning hours of the Clone Wars.
This planet's experimental power source was stolen during the Clone Wars by the Republic 501st Legion to power the Death Star's superlaser.
General Maximilian Veers was chosen by Lord Vader to lead the Imperial ground assault against the Alliance's hidden base on this icy planet.
This planet was settled and established as an 'Ordinance/Regional Depot' for the Galactic Republic in the Bright Jewel Sector.
The engineers of this heavily polluted Core World were responsible for the perfection and mass production of the modern hyperdrive.
This planet, home to the insectoid Vratix, is the sole producer/exporter of the medicinal compound known as 'bacta' in the galaxy.
This stormy waterworld is where the Grand Army of the Republic was commissioned and created under suspicious circumstances.
This unstable volcanic world was where the Separatist leaders met their ends at the hand of the newly annointed Lord Vader.
This remote medical outpost (located on the surface of an asteroid) served as the birthplace of the soon orphaned Skywalker twins, Luke and Leia.
This planet, adopted home of the fearsome Mandalorian warriors, is named after their first leader.
The brutish and savage Gamorrean guards call this planet in the Opoku system of the Outer Rim home.
This alien world's surface is blanketed with towering fungal sprouts, and its damp, humid atmosphere is clouded with spores and pollen.
This industrialized planet tried to remake itself as the 'Coruscant of the Outer Rim' – it was also the homeworld of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.
This isolated Deep Core world served as Emperor Palpatine's private retreat throughout his dark reign.
This moon of the planet Nal Hutta is renown across the galaxy for its reputation as a shadowport.
The Jedi Enclave on this planet was destroyed during the Jedi Civil War by Darth Malak in an attempt to uncover Darth Revan's whereabouts.
Formerly known as Evocar, this stagnant, polluted world serves as the base of operations for the Hutt crime lords' nefarious enterprises.
This planet is the base and operating center of the secretive Bothan Spynet, one of the Alliance's most invaluable assets in its fight against the Empire.
Once every season, this planet's 'Demon Moon' of Dxun passes so close to it, that their atmospheres merge, forming a bridge between them.
This frozen world served as the place of exile for the shamed and banished ex-Jedi Ulic Qel-Droma.
The capital of the once powerful Trade Federation could be found on this world located in the Colonies.
This planet, at war with the Huk (or Yam'rii), is home to the bloodthirsty cyborg commander of the Separatists' droid forces, General Grievous.
As a result of its heavy bombment during the Jedi Civil War, this planet received a complete restoration of its bombed out surface funded by the Republic.
This planet's towering crystal cities and glittering asteroid belts have made it an attractive retreat for the galaxy's rich and famous for millennia.
Locked in a perpetual ice age, this planet is sacred to the Jedi for its vast deposits of blue and green colored crystals used within their lightsabers.
This Deep Core world's vast carbonite deposits made it an invaluable asset to early hyperspace travelers.
The survivors of the 'Dowager Queen' wreck named Tatooine's capital city after this Inner Rim planet.
This high-gravity world on the Hydian Way is notorious across the galaxy for hosting its annual high-stakes podracing competitions.
This inhospitable junkyard planet is completely covered with toxic debris and has a poisonous surface, making it mostly populated by droids.
This arid rocky planet, locked in a geosynchronous orbit with its star, is home to the Twi'lek species.
This waterworld was the only source of the healing agent and bacta precursor, kolto, in the galaxy.
The sprawling metropolis on this planet was leveled by Darth Malak's efforts to eliminate Bastila Shan.
This planet is home to the Order of the Sacred Circle, whose doctrine revered life in all its forms.
During the Great Galactic War, the Republic used this icy planet's prison (known as 'The Tomb') to confine Sith Lords and other dangerous war criminals.
This Core World's extensive shipyards were responsible for the construction of Darth Vader's intimidating Star Dreadnaught, the 'Executor.'
The Dark Force-wielding Nightsisters originated from this obscure planet in the Outer Rim Territories.
This planet was home to the Rakatan species and served as the secret capital of their Infinite Empire.
This Outer Rim world was the headquarters of the galaxy-wide commercial and industrial manufacturing company, SoroSuub Corporation.
This temperate planet located in the Colonies was home to the prestigious military academies of the Galactic Republic and later, the Galactic Empire.
This planet was the Hutts' original homeworld until a mysterious ancient cataclysm (likely the Hutts' doing) wiped out all life on it.
This Outer Rim world, deluged by torrential rains, has an unstable electric field that makes repulsorlift craft widely unusable on its surface.

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