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Can you name the valid Scrabble words that begin with the letter X?

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7a gum produced by bacterial fermentation
8a chemical salt
8the water-soluble part of the coloring matter in yellow flowers
8a chemical compound
7tending to have a yellow color
7a yellow pigment
8a chemical compound
8a skin disease
8a chemical compound
5a Mediterranean sailing vessel
5the effect of pollen on certain plant structures
5pertaining to a type of culture medium
8the transfer of pollen from one plant to another
8the supposed production of offspring totally different from the parent
8a rock fragment included in another rock
5a gaseous element
7a frog native to southern Africa
7developing in a dry area
5requiring only a small amount of moisture
8a dry-land sere
7abnormal dryness of a body part or tissue
5to copy on a xerographic copier
5an African ground squirrel
2a Greek letter
7a part of the sternum
2a monetary unit of Vietnam
5a substance found in cell walls of plants
5a complex plant tissue
5/6a flammable hydrocarbon
7/8a chemical compound
7an alcohol
8a hard, woody fruit
6resembling wood
6a type of sugar
8the preparation of sections of wood for microscopic examination
5a univalent radical
4/6a roofed area where athletes trained in ancient Greece
6a surgical instrument for scraping bones

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