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Can you name the phrase which each small word said together sounds like?

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Britain knees peers 
Water hoodoo wing 
Talk hoes 
Tail hers whiffed 
Coobah amiss elk rices 
Wander eggs shun 
Polk hey man 
My Thematics 
Cheese ask rice 
Wicca pita 
Alison want hurl hand 
Fib a Nazis eek whence 
Elk Lassy go 
Goo goals urchin gin 
Dawn Days-Inn Fair know 
Getting Harder
Sophie attune yawn 
Fraud oba kins 
Tube Eeyore naughty bee 
Ace seed easy 
A knight estates Offham haircut 
Jake Errol ling 
All of artist 
Hindi penanced hay 
Sues ankle inns 
Rye honour hen holds 
Then Dove Feline 
Olive View 
Thud harken height 
Dumb beast hoop hid 
Win staunch her chill 
Good Luck!
Hitter hojack 
Lawn dawned wendy to elf 
Tire on a Sara's sex 
Now count reef harold 'em in 
Pond Danube 
Louie cyan upper chase 
Dick's an arid dock come 
Adam B. Levitt 
Wendy who Anna duet 
Though is heard a fuzz 
Soya thing cooking dans 
Chick ha Goebles 
Fort ear earl diversion 
Cargos tan 
Hives pork lightest 

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