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Tree-Related ClueAnswerTree-Related Trivia
This religious garden contained the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
This is the only nation to include a full tree on its national flag.
This continent is the only one which has no known trees today.
Tree-like race of beings from Lord of the Rings
The tallest-growing trees in the world.
Having been isolated for 400 km, this Saharan tree was destroyed in 1973.
This tree in Harry Potter was a very angry one, indeed.
Over half of Earth's rainforests are contained in this tropical jungle.
These trees bear cones and needles instead of leaves and flowers.
This American park is famous for being an oasis of trees in a desert of concrete.
This word meaning 'to start over', is an anagram of 'trees'.
Disney character famous for swinging from trees.
American TV show following high school students Lucas and Nathan.
These sculptures are tree carvings created by North American aboriginals.
In The Land Before Time, this leaf is a favourite at dinosaur dinner-time.
This country has more trees than any other nation in the world.
Tree-Related ClueAnswerTree-Related Trivia
This type of ecosystem is most famous for having very few trees.
This tree-like Grass Pokemon is the final form of Treecko
This American state capital claims to have the world's most trees per capita.
This children's book from 1964 made Shel Silverstein famous.
The tree is residence of the Na'vi in James Cameron's Avatar.
Taxol, found in Pacific Yew trees, is used by doctors to fight this disease.
A sometimes derogatory slang-term for environmentalists.
Mary Pope Osborne's famous children's series about time-traveling kids.
This Indonesian man was nicknamed 'treeman' for his bark-like warts.
This artificial tree is the centerpiece of Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida.
Rush song with the line, 'There is trouble in the forest, there is unrest in the trees.'
This type of forest includes tree trunks that have been left fossilized.
These were laid at the feet of Jesus when he entered Jerusalem on a donkey.
The fear of trees.
This is the oldest living tree species.
This disciple of Jesus hung himself from a tree.

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