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Can you name the creative phrases, which result from combining answers to triple-component clues?

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The Three Component CluesCreative PhraseExtra Hints / Commentary
(1) Madonna's first Billboard #1 single (3 wds)
(2) Jesus' mother
(3) Umbrella-flying nanny
If you haven't had any children of your own, you should be a nanny...
(1) Ali Baba's phrase to enter a cave
(2) TV show with Elmo and Big Bird
(3) Festive social gathering on a neighbourhood road
ALL muppets and puppets are invited to this shindig!
(1) Famous composer's symphony (not Mozart's 4th or Mahler's 6th)
(2) If a thumb is 1st, a pinkie is a hand's __ __
(3) A kid's messy artwork without using brushes (2 wds)
His early childhood visual masterpiece, before switching to a career in music?
(1) Common nighttime paranoia when the lights are off (4 wds)
(2) Ledger and Bale’s Batman film
(3) King Arthur’s men (5 wds)
King Arthur's emotional reaction if he had suspected traitors in his ranks?
(1) Meteoroids briefly flashing across night sky (2 wds)
(2) Jewish symbols made of two interlocking triangles
(3) English football (soccer) celebrity married to Posh Spice
If he ever becomes a manager, perhaps his team will be referred to as this.
(1) 1972 crime-family film saga (2 wds)
(2) Paternal celebration, often the 3rd Sunday in June
(3) An awake fantasy, where you are “lost in your own world”
Vito Corleone, wistfully ruminating that Michael could have been a senator or governor.
(1) “__ __ __ to tango”
(2) Charlie Sheen preceded Ashton Kutcher on this TV show
(3) Alien-fighting movie trilogy starring Will Smith
To manage Alien relations, we need this many darkly-dressed government agents, including an underachieving kid.
(1) U.S. President at start of Iraq War (first & last names)
(2) African nocturnal primate, or 'Galago'
(3) Britney Spears' first hit single (4 wds)
2004 re-election poster?
(1) 2008 Pixar Film about a little load-lifting robot
(2) Spielberg’s friendly alien of 1982
(3) Fearsome carnivorous dinosaur (abbrev.)
Waste management is easier if you can just devour everything.
(1) 1956 Kerr-Brynner musical, about royalty in Siam (4 wds)
(2) Phrase of affection to one's sweet-heart (3 wds)
(3) Video sharing website
...which is why we're always watching online videos in his palace.
(1) Monty Hall's 'trading' TV game show (4 wds)
(2) If you sell your soul to Satan, you've “made a __ __ __ __”
(3) Appetizer with 'whites' and a garnished yolk mixture
...We'll compromise, and serve the chips and dip first.

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