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Can you name the three things linked together with common words?

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PBS children's show, _____ _____'s Neighbourhood / Toronto Blue Jays' Stadium / Downtown, in Paris
Football field, colloquially / Cold War divide between east and west / A final stage bow
Club of Rooney, Beckham, and Ronaldo / Where you'd find Dubai / Home of Arsenal FC
Colonel Sanders' restaurant / 2000 British stop-motion film / Phrase meaning 'ordinary'
Taylor Swift's slamming screen door / Old Testament book / Pacific islands nation
Madonna hit / Jesus' mother / Umbrella-flying house nanny
Olson twins' first hit TV show / Jodi Picoult novel about Aspberger's / American sitcom starring David Spade
American sitcom starring Neil Patrick Harris / Inside layer of some oysters / Teeth, colloquially
Children's horror book & TV series / Ledger's and Nolan's film masterpiece / Group of men in Arthurian legend
Harvey Dent becomes this villain / World's largest social network / Place to purchase reading material

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