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QUIZ: Can you name the Scoopri!?

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When Mwol wakes up Rip Van Pri where does he go?
Gomez + Zitch = Shake Shack
I scream you scream we all scream for
Bold move. Is bold the right word?
Time you made people cry with happiness
Duardo is
Jramer is
Who did you throw soap at?
Most ingenius innovation ever.
Who stole your pizza?
What is my favorite baseball team?
Who was your teacher crush who i stole?
What will I make a holdiay when Im prez?
Who is your favorite Pokemon noise?
Why are you an insomniac?
When were we the happiest everrrrrr
Where did you go to beat pokemon?
Where did you go to read HP?
Who stole your shoes when you were sleeping in the library?
Test of Friendship #1
Test of Friendship #2
Final grade of friendship
Where we fell asleep
One of your favorite skram moments
What you subsequently did with that gift
What you did to silue
How you cause an accident on the LIE
Where did i pull over
Who are the best of skrams?

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