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Can you name the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

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How many horcruxes are destroyed?
Who is Harry's oldest child?
Which goblin makes a deal to help the trio?
Which historical artifact has a fake replica in the Lestranges' vault?
Who becomes the Minister of Magic after Rufus Scrimgeour is murdered?
Which house-elf dies getting the trio out of Malfoy Manor?
Whose hand kills him by strangling himself?
Which spell kills Vincent Crabbe?
What helps Ron find Hermione and Harry after he leaves?
True or False: Harry destroys Hufflepuff's Cup in the Chamber of Secrets
What spell is last performed in the book?
How many Marauders live?
Which Weasley child inherited Hermione's brains?
Which house-elf was owned by Regulus Arcturus Black?
Which two Death Eaters attack the trio in the coffee shop?
What is the name of the werewolf who is a Snatcher?
What named is tabooed in the book?
Whose wand is broken in the Battle Over Little Whinging?
Who volunteers to kill Harry Potter at Malfoy Manor?
Where did Dumbledore's Army stay to avoid the Carrows?
Who is the author of the Harry Potter series?

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