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Can you name the Head, Face, Ears, Eyes and Throat ?

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Name the four brain lobes
Head injury that results from direct trauma. Swelling, deformity, point tenderness .
Head injury that results from direct trauma. Associated with dizziness, nausea, confusion.
Rapid swelling of the brain after second impact before recovery from the first injury.
Trauma causing intercebral bleeding. Signs are like a concussion.
Intercranial bleeding following trauma. Signs are like a concussion.
Progress is slow (hours-days)
Progress is fast (minutes)
Trauma to the head, obvious bleeding
Symptoms are: Aura, blindess in part of vision, photophobia
Name the jaw bone
Name the cheekbone
Name the nose bone
Name the upper jaw bone
Name the eye socket bone
Trauma to the lower jaw. Swelling, deformity, malocclusion.
Trauma to the cheekbone. Deformity and tenderness.
Friction or trauma to the ear that reults in pain and deformity
Can result from diving or trauma. 'Pop' noise, pain, blood in ear canal, dizziness
Outer ear infection. Pain, iching, hearing loss, discharge
Ear infection and fluid accumulation. Pain, hearing loss, discharge.
Trauma to the eye. Eye immobility and swelling.
Bleeding in the eye. NOT pooling
Pooling of blood in the eye, vision threatening.
Name the bones in the spine from top to bottom
Name the number of bones in each group, respectively.
Cervical curvature
Thorasis curvature
Lumbar curvature
Sideways spinal curve
Axial compression of the C-spine. Neck pain, paralysis, loss of sensation.
Violent flexion/extension AND rotation of the C-spine.
Stretch to brachial plexus. Side bending of the neck. Tingling, numbness, burning
Inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Burning in the leg. Shooting pain.
Can result from genetics, bad lifting techniques, or trauma. Symptoms are like Sciatica.
Unilateral stress fracture without displacement
Bilateral fracture with displacement

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