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Can you name the Arm, Elbow and Wrist injuries?

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Cause and SignsInjuryTreatment
Direct Trauma or infection in the elbow. Point tenderness and swellingPRICE and anti-inflammatory
Direct Trauma or Overuse of the elbow. Pain and Grip weakness. RICE, immobilization, and surgery
FOOSH, Pulling at the distal wrist. Subluxation/Dislocation of the radial head from the annular ligament. Pain, deformity, instability.
Tennis Elbow or Golfer's Elbow. Overuse and poor mechanics. Weak wrist extension. Point tenderness. RICE and rest
Golfer's Elbow
Tennis Elbow
Parethesia in the 4th and fifth fingers. Weak finger abduciton. rest, avoid pressure
Arm hyperextension. Pain, swelling, deformity, sensory loss. ICE and hospitalize
Trauma in the Elbow. Pain, swelling, deformity, sensory lossRest, surgery, casting
Loss of blood supply after elbow injury. Cold and painful forearm. immediate referral
Cause and SignsInjuryTreatment
Trauma. Bruising, sensory lossRICE, hospital if sensory loss
Overuse and Excessive force on the forearm. Tenderness and weakness. RICE, rest
Trauma to the forearm. Point tenderness, deformityRICE
Wrist Trauma. Swan neck deformity. point tenderness. RICE
Overuse. Point tenderness, sensory loss of Median nerve. Refer to a physician
Wrist hyperextension. Point tenderness, deformity. RICE
FOOSH. Point tenderness on the anatomical snuffbox. RICE and casting
Trauma to fingers. point tenderness and deformityRICE
Often accompanied with an avulsion fracture

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