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Name of a letter
A number
To amend something / To make stable or firm
A type of machine that plays music
To mingle, to blend
Thick syrup / Cerumen
The act of flowing, continuous movement
Machine used to receive and send info or images
A container with 4 sides / A sport
An evil spell, a curse
To calm down, tranquilize
A charge imposed by authority
Carnivorous animal of Canidae family / A sly cunning person
Not simple, intricated
Someone or something that might bring bad luck
An adult castrated bull
That which guides, informs, points out or directs, a prologue
Part of the body between neck and abdomen
Narrow tube that hang out from large intestine / Something added or adjunct
The highest or most intense point, the culmination of something
Upper end of the windpipe or trachea
The tip or summit of anything
To bend / To exhibit the strength of something
A manuscript or book / A collection of laws
Outer part of an organ, like the brain
An overbearing woman, a female ruler or mistress
To add or join something
An infectious, usually fatal disease of warm-blooded animals
A deception or mischief
The smallest feline animal
Approved or conventional / Sound in opinion or doctrine
A mass that has a whirling or circuling motion
A trademark used for photocopying process
Directed back / A stimulus or excitation
A contagious disease characterized by a peculiar eruption, variola
Mythological creature with body of a lion and face of a woman
To put before or at the beginning of another thing, like a word
An emulsion of rubber or plastic in water / A milky fluid produced by many plants
The end of the vertebral column
The two times during a year the sun crosses the celestial equator
To attatch, unite or connect something
A spiral form or structure
Composed of three parts, triple, like 3 floors or divisions
Letters or syllables added to the end of a word
Mythological bird / To be consumed by fire by its own act, and rise from the ashes
Part of the alimentary canal between mouth and esophagus
Brought back, returned
A chalcedonya that occurs in bands of different colors
To puzzle, distract, confuse, to trouble someone with anxiety and suspense
The cross of Christ
One of the largest African antelopes
Looseness, something that isnt tense, rigid or firm
Rising or swelling into a spherical or round form, a bulge
A primitive word, from which other words are formed, a radical / Root
Silica, as found in nature
A king
A female puppy
The first digit of the hind limb
A proposition contrary to received opinion, contradictory
A type of wild goat
To put out of joint
That which gives form or origin to anything
The first digit of the fore limb
Contrary to, differing from
The entrance hall leading to the nave of a church
A trademark used for any type of heat or chemical resistant glass
A pellicle that forms over a wound, before it becomes a scar
To confuse or disorientate
A word or form that occurs only once in the recorded chorpus of a language
To twist, to agitate, to be irritated or to annoy
Anything that is very puzzling or difficult to explain
Necklike portion of any part, like the womb
A white or gray crystaline salt
A tool for trimming and puncturing roofing slates
Covering of a flower
A character over a letter used in certain languages
An insecticide used against ants
The Holm oak, genus of evergreen trees and shrubs
An uneven permanent dilation of a vein
The Fallopian tube
To batter or destroy, to ruin, to confound
The trunk or palm of a tree fern / Thickened underground stem of some plants
Any of the various small, reddish, slender, freshwater worms
Extending to a great length, unecessarily long
A thickening made of flour, used for soups or gravies
A dry husk or covering
To persuade someone by gentle insinuating courtesy, flattering
Genus of perennial climbing plants
In anatomy, an arched or vaultlike structure
Raw, thinly sliced, cured samon served as an appetizer
A water sprite in German mythology / To refuse, veto or prohibit
Genus of dipterous insects, such as the mosquito
One of the coverts of a bird's wing
Genus of american herbs, having red, white or purple flowers
Capable of simultaneous transmission or reception of 2 messages in the same radio channel
The case, vase or tabernacle in which the host is reserved
Any one of numerous species of small moths
Stemless evergreen perennial plant with white flowers and heart-shaped leaves
A fossil bird of the Jurassic period with a long tail and reptilian characteristics
Any of various small brightly colored tropical fishes
Genus of very small pale-green globular organisms found rolling in water
A figwort herb with narrow leaves and orange or yellow flowers
A curved fold or process of the dura mater or the peritonium
Shallow, stemmed, two-handled drinking cup of ancient Greece
The embryo produced directly from the egg in a metagenetic serie
An arragement of things by fives in a square or rectangle, 1 in each corner and 1 in middle
The strong ligament of the back of the neck in quadrupeds
A primitive wind instrument consisting of parallel pipes bound together

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