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Edible Insects
When too many animals graze too long and exceed the carrying capacity of a grassland area
The U.S. Department of Agriculture fear that doing what would arouse suspicion?
Thin strips of lush vegetation along streams or rivers
Grasslands in temperate and tropical climates that supply forage or vegetation for grazing
What are the two primary causes of hunger and malnutrition?(alphabetize)
Managed grasslands or enclosed meadows
What involves dragging a net along the ocean bottom?
Urban gardens provide about how much of the world's food supply?Write as a number with a percent sign.
Where animals are fattened for slaughter by feeding on grain or meal
About how many different species of edible insects are there?
What three foods sustain the world? (alphabetize)
About how much of the food we produce is wasted through spoilage, inefficient processing and preparation, and plate waste?Write as a number with a percent sign.
Fish and shellfish provide about how much of the global food supply?They are the primary source of animal protein for about 1 billion people, mostly in developing countries. Write as a number with a percent sign.
The U.S., Canada, Italy, Switzerland, and Belgium even waste how much of their food?Write as a number with a percent sign.

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