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A pathogen that transmits malaria
Chemical or form of radiation that causes inheritable changes in DNA molecules in genes of chromosomes
Type of disease caused by a living organism and can spread from one to another by air, water, ood, bodily fluids, and some insects
Similar to estrogens, they can disrupt the endocrine system by attaching to estrogen receptor molecules2 Words
Can cause temporary or permanent harm or death to humans or animals2 Words
Type of disease that ends to develop slowly, has multiple causes, and is not caused by living organisms or spread from one person to another
Chemicals, ionizing radiation, and viruses that cause or promote the development of cancer
Human made chemicals that can act as hormone disrupters. For example: DDT, PBCs, and certain herbicides3 Words
Can harm because it is flammable or explosive or because it irritates or damages skin or lungs or induces allergic reactions2 Words
Chemical, ionizing radiation, and viruses that causes birth defects
Spread of malignant cells from a tumor to other parts of the body
Complex glandular system that releases small amounts of hormones into the blood stream of vertebrates2 Words
If there is plausible but incomplete evidence that a cemical/technology may cause significant harm, we should act to prevent/reduce its risk2 Words
Disrupt the endocrine system by preventing natural hormones such as androgens from attaching to their receptors2 Words
Natural and synthetic chemicals in the environment that can harm the human nervous system

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