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Can you name the K-pop song from their opening Engrish lines?

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First lineSong TitleArtist
...Rise up!male
Stop! Yeah, let me show you something. Girls, you ready? Let's go!female
Don't lose your temper so quickly.female
La la la la la la, la la la la la la, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, do it!female
Boom boom like it like it!female
Can you feel my **?male
Every day I just can't control~male
I'm heartsick, hear me, be crazymale
Can't stop, we won't stop. Can't stop, we don't stop.mixed collab
I'm back on the microphonemale
Cold heart baby. Cold eyes baby.male
A-yo finally. Is this what you been waitin for?male
I go by the name of ** of **, it's been a long time comin... but we here nowfemale
Dance. dance. dance. dance. dance.male (hint: a lot)
Yes! ** is back! Haha. Most definitely, incrediblemale
Oh. Yep. JYP. Haha. It's time. Introducing, ***.male
Yo, amigos... This is how we do it.male
Uh huh, listen boy. My first love story.female
I'm gonna be stronger..male
Some say it ain't over til it's over... but I guess it's really over now.male

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