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Can you name the NCIS Trivia (2) (up to season 6)?

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Forced Order
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What agency was Agent Todd in before NCIS?
What does Agent DiNozzo call Agent McGee?
What is the name of the NCIS Agent originally based at Guantanamo in Season 1?
Who infiltrates the NCIS building in a bodybag in Season 1?
...and who does he shoot in the shoulder?
Who replaces above in future episodes?
Which full seasons does Agent Todd appear in?
Which university did McGee attend?
What girly magazine is DiNozzo often seen reading?
Who, after infiltrating NCIS, tries to frame DiNozzo?
What language (besides English) can Gibbs and Abby communicate to each other with?
Which of Gibbs' marriages produced a daughter?
What doesn't Gibbs believe in?
What type of dogs does Ducky's mother keep?
Why can't Gerald drive Ducky's car?
Gibbs' friend from the FBI?
NCIS is a spin-off from what show?
...and has spawned a spin-off called?
Actor who plays NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs?
...and NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo?
...and who does Cote de Pablo play?
...and Lauren Holly?
Abby Sciuto works in what department at NCIS?
...and Donald Mallard?
What does NCIS stand for?
What does MTAC stand for?
What is rule number 9?
...and rule number 18?
What city is NCIS based in?
Where is Gibbs and Fornell's conference room?

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