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Forced Order
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This is terrible
3(2^3 + 1)=?
Cos B= (80^2 + 60^2 - 139^2)/ ((2)(60)(80))
(4,5) (2,3) [Dot Product]
P=$2000 r=13.5 Desired Money= $6000 Compound Continuously
P=$50 r=12% t=4 n=12
How many toes does Mr. C have?
What was the final blow to Newton's Corpuscular Theory
This is terrible
Expotential form: logv3 27= 3
a=200 b=500 c=600
Evaluate: logv5 407=?
Who would win in a fight: Batman or Darth Vader?
When is Geroge Washington's birthday? (square root of 3)
what is the distance between the ribbons and the left breast pocket on the summer blue uniform (NJROTC)
What had tp be true before there could be light?
lim x->3; X^2 + X+3

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