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Hint #1PhraseHint #2
Hasidic, Abraham, Chosen PeopleMartial Art, Brazilian
Ford's theater victim, honestCrawling, One Step Closer
Nintendo, Slippy Toad, Lylat SystemDisney cartoon, Tod and Copper
Just a spoonful of sugarZoot Suit Riot, 90s swing band
Caribbean rum, lower gradeApartheid 'hero', prisoner turned president
Buddha, Middle Way founderCuban prison, Harold and Kumar
Circle of Life, MufasaSNK, Terry Bogard, Rugal Bernstein
Civil rights, Denzel WashingtonUncanny superheroes
Orson Welles 'masterpiece'Mortal Kombat's knife fighter
Hit Me Baby One More TimeWeak bird Pokemon, evolves once
Superhero team, fights Dr. DoomPrecursor to sex, 1st-3rd bases
Hint #1PhraseHint #2
Will Smith golf movieSkateboarding shoes
Yeah baby yeah, Dr. Evil's nemesis Deadwood's Cy Tolliver, 24's Vice President Daniels
Chipmunks, male strippers#3, The Intimidator
Daniel Craig Bond filmPulp Fiction burger- France
Army cartoon, action figuresFamous 49ers quarterback
2001 Jet Li filmAnime starring Goku, Vegeta, etc.
Green Mile gentle giantKrispy Kreme competitor
Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr Vietnam film80s cartoon starring Lion-O, Cheetara, etc
Active Washington volcanoBlind and deaf girl
Daniel Day Lewis Native American filmAnnual French movie event
Disturbia / Transformers actorSarah Michelle Gellar T.V. show

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