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QUIZ: How well do you know Frayn's Spies Chapter 3?

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What convinced Stephen and Keith that Mr Gort was a murderer?
What food and drink did Mrs Hayward give Stephen?
What phrase does Stephen use to describe his family on page 38?
Why did Stephen think Miss Durrant's house had been bombed?
What 2 things did Mrs Hayward talk to Mrs Elmsley about on page 40?
What did Keith write on the front of the excersize book?
What word does Stephen use to describe Mrs Hayward's actions on page 40?
What did Mrs Hayward say to Stephen and Keith to join in with their game?
Who did Stephen suspect was also a spy for talking on the phone with Keith's mum?
Why do Stephen and Keith want to look at the blotter on Mrs Hayward's desk?
Why did Stephen's mum not want him to go over to Keith's as much?
Why did Stephen find Barbara so annoying?
What was Stephen's description of Mrs Elmsley?
Finish the quote: 'We have to endure hardships for...'
What colour was the sitting room decorated in?
Finish the quote: 'we glide across to the desk as...'
What image does Stephen compare the blank blotting paper to?
In the photo, Mrs Hayward and Auntie Dee are described as 'stripped of their protective adulthood, caught out in a...' (finish the quote)
Why doesn't Stephen want to look in Mrs Hayward's diary?
What 2 symbols are seen in Mrs Hayward's diary?
When in the diary were the x's noted down?
What noise makes Stephen and Keith jump on page 51?
Finish the quote: 'everything in the world has changed...'
What adjectives are used to describe Keith's parents (in relation to Keith's family taking on 'heroic proportions')?
What does Stephen describe himself as in comparison to Keith?
What is Stephen's task as Keith's sidekick?
Who does Stephen suggest writing an anonymous letter to?
What is Stephen and Keith's most 'secret and sacred possession'?
Finish Stephen's oath: 'so help me God, or...'
What does Keith write on the sign outside their hideout?

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