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Can you name the title of these 80s-90s Rap songs using only one lyric?

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1988- In the black benz limo with tha cellular phone
1992- to go gold, going, going, gone, another rapper sold..
1993- Livin mad phat like an over sized bam-bi
1994- You put your hands on me again, I'll put your ass in handcuffs
1996- God is who we praise, even though the devil's all up in my face
1991- Why? Cash money ain't never gonna play out.
1987- even if it's jazz or the quiet storm..
1998-Turn the spots in the bakeries to get back bread.
1994- Every game ain't the same 'cause the game still remains
1989- and when my dishes got dirty, I got Cascade..
1994- but they lack the new knack that's comin from way way back
1999- A playa hata flipper yeah, grave filla yeah
1997- You got me, I rock thee, Versace and linen
1989- I'm just like that man they call, Georgie Puddin' Pie
1993- Now she's more sophisticated, highly edu-ma-cated
1989- 'I'll do years if I pull this trigga'...
1996- You'd love to hear the story how the thugs live in worry..
1993- I'm a b-boy, standing in my b-boy stance..
1994- They wanna come up real quick before they start to clown
1991- Never try to play a super star that's mellow
1988- Sleep if ya wanna, go 'head, get some shut-eye.
1992- 'We give you 20 G's if you snitch on your homey
1994- no need to worry my accountant handles that..
1988- I'm on a mission, ya better just listen
1989- They want the man who brings home the bacon
1996- I could tell by the je-wels you go for the ice
1982- Can't even see the game or the Sugar Ray fight
1993- Meaning no one can burn or toss and turn me
1994- Don't get upset girl, that's just how it goes
1991- Reach under my seat, grabbed my popper for the suckers
1995- avoidin' all the thick teasers, skeezers, and weirdos
1993- Half way home and my pager still blowing up
1999- While y'all playa hate we in the upper millions
1996- When I step up in the place, yo I step correct..
1993- Overseer, Overseer, Overseer, Overseer,.Offiicer, Officer, Officer, Officer
1997- Hundred G stash, push a bulletproof E-Class
1997- You ain't even close wit the rhymes that you wrote
1999- I aint seen a click yet that can stunt like mine
1989- To be a billionaire takes hard work for years
1999- Well since age twelve, I've felt like I'm someone else
1991- Appearin' in complex structure like a pyramid
1995- She wasn't sure she had grub for the dog so we hit the store
1993- I also kick like kung fu flicks by run run shaw
1989- go 'head to work, while I defrost it, and season it
1992- Now, it's time for me to make my impression felt
1992- and blow your head off, just for asking, 'Who's the one rappin'?'
1989- Most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps
1997- Whatever you need girlfriend I got the whole enchilada
1991- Time for some action, just a fraction of friction..
1997- rob then I steal, not cause I want to cause I have to
1992- I never play the soap opera but now I'm a General Hospital
1998- Thats when I hit 'em with some Puerto Rican judo
1998- I'm down here slangin, rollin with these hustlers
1994- Puttin' it down, puttin' it down, ain't no thing to me
1995- Attitude is very rude, Boo, crabby like seafood
1994- When I roll up, don't be caught sleepin', 'cause I'm creepin'
1993- these are the roughest toughest words I ever wrote down
1980- He said his Cadilac was gold, but he didnt say it was ten years old..
1992- and I won't choke like the Buffalo Bills..
1991- It's not a front, F to the R to the O to the N to the T
1993- Evil grin with a mouth full of gold teeth
1986- I did it like this, I did it like that, I did it with a wiffle ball bat, so..
1998- Willies wanna rub shoulders, your money's too young
1991- Never was fool, so we finished school
1997- like, 'Yo, how many rhymes you got?' I think I'll go on
1989- But that glory's been denied by kizids and dookie eyes
1993- He had me feelin like black was tha thing to be
1992- So this kid with mouth swagger 'n I'll blaze the cloak and dagger
1992- I'm not a dog baby, so don't play me like a clown
1989- Yo, could you tell me where is door three?
1988- mix 'em and cook them in a pot like gumbo..
1994- I'm breakin ear drums while I'm breakin the law
1988- Posse in effect hangin' out is always hype
1992- Us flow a rush when the DJ's boomin' classics
1992- I'm the supercalafragilistic tic-tac pro

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