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Ossicles are made of magnesium rich calcite in these organisms 
These have much smaller, globular ossicles that are dispersed throughout the body 
Ossicles are large and fused to form a test 
In the above the (x) plate has holes for spines to protrude 
In the above the (x) plate has holes to allow the tube feet to protrude 
Spines in star fish 
The three types of the above spines 
The three types of the above spines 
The three types of the above spines 
The system used for movement in echinoderms 
Provides water to the system 
The above joins to the (x) canal via the stone canal 
These canals extend down the limbs 
The above canals terminate in these 
The two parts of the above (space separated) 
These are found in radial canals to prevent backflow in the system under pressure 
Cool stuff
Feeding structure in echinoids made of five modified ossicles (teeth) in a pyramid 
Process by which holothurians push culvierian tubules out of the body under stress 
In extreme cases of the above, this system will also be pushed out 
Starfish that can regenerate their entire body from one arm 
An energy efficient tissue allowing starfish to liquefy their muscles and fit into tight crevices 

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