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Hot environments
The location of chloroplasts in the cactus Echinicactus grusonii 
In Echinocactus grusonii spines are compressed hairs that grow from where 
Pachypodium namaquanum has a thick stem filled with food and water with a hard epidermis; what type of stem is this 
Kedrosis africana has a stem that is swollen at the base to store water; which type of stem is this 
This tactic is seen in Aloe dichotoma in very dry conditions, where there water supply to a branch is cut off and it drops off 
Stomata in the above close during this time 
The colour of the waxy foliage in Aloe striata to reflect sunlight 
Hoodia gordoni has brown flowers that attract these pollinators 
Aloe distans has high concentrations of these two pigments in the leaves to reflect more sunlight 
Aloe distans has high concentrations of these two pigments in the leaves to reflect more sunlight 
The number of live leaves in Lithops sp. (old leaves support and protect them) 
Present in leaves of living stones to reflect light to the base as leaves extend into the ground 
Aciacia karoo has large (x) to defend and shade the plant 
Welwitschia mirabilis has fleshy leaves with (x) stomata 
Leaves found in some old world xerophytes where the leaf margin is rolled backwards or downwards 
Tropical environments
A group of plants that require a regular water supply, at least when growing 
A type of surface root seen in the Kapok tree as heavy clay soils are too dense and unstructured to support the tree 
Adventitious roots that grow down from horizontal branches such as in Ficus bengalensis (also seen in palms by convergent evolution) 
Culms (hollow stems) of bamboo are jointed, what are the joints called 
The Alocasia genus has this type of heart shaped leaf 
The part of the leaf in the Alocasia genus that allows water to run off leaves 
Orchids have these swollen structures at the base to store water 
Billbergia vittata has bright flowers that hang down from the plant to attract nectar feeding (x) 
Compound leaves with leaflets (pinnae) that are arranged in two rows, on either side of the midrib 
Compound leaves with 4 or more leaflets arising from a single point 
An intermediate shape between the above where leaves are arranged on short rachis or costa 
Cold environments
Specialised xylem vessels found in coastal redwoods with lignified cells for water transport 
Conifers typically grow in a pyramid shape as these plant hormones diffuse down from the apical bud at the top of the tree and restricts growth 
Old collapsed trees act as (x) logs as they provide nutrients for growing saplings 
Toxins and poisons are deposited in leaves for expulsion when leaves are lost to reduce water loss in winter in this type of tree 
Convergent evolution
Rigid spathes, dichotomous meristems, hysteranthous flowers and much nectar are seen in plants pollinated by these animals 
Plants that have an underground storage organ (a bulb, rhizome, swollen tap root, or tuber) 

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