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Signal Transduction
Protein kinase A (PKA) is activated by 
Calcium dependent protein kinase (CDPK) is activated by 
Second messenger activated protein kinase activated by calcium ions (Ca2+) and DAG (diacylglyceride) 
G-Protein Coupled Receptors
CCK is secreted by these cells in the duodenum into the blood 
The CCK receptor has this many transmembrane helices 
The CCK receptor is an example of this type of receptor 
The G-protein associated with the CCK receptor activates this molecule 
Hydrolysis of which molecule by the above results in production of IP3 and DAG 
IP3 binds to its receptor on which cell structure, stimulating release of Ca2+ 
Increased concentration of calcium ions in pancreatic acinar cells triggers secretion of this type of enzyme 
This ion pump returns cytosolic calcium ion concentration to resting levels 
In the skeletal muscle, adrenaline promotes breakdown and inhibits synthesis of this molecule 
Synthesis of cAMP is catalysed by this enzyme 
Degredation of cAMP is catalysed by this enzyme 
This bacterium causes cholera 
This protein is secreted by the above bacterium  
The above protein has 1 alpha subunit and (x) beta subunits 
The alpha subunit enters the mucosal cells of which part of the body 
Transduction Pathways
A single protein with no separate subunits 
A family of receptors involved in insulin and growth factor responses, that have endogenous enzyme activity 
Polypeptide member of above family, important for cell growth, proliferation and differentiation 
A phosphate molecule is transferred from ATP to which amino acid 
Ligand binding induces receptor (x) 
This protein interacts with the receptor 
The above protein recruits this protein 
The above protein interacts and activates this G-protein (a GPTase) 
Once activated, the above activates this protein kinase 
Once activated, the above activates this protein kinase 
Once activated, the above activates this protein kinase 
Example of a neurotransmitter between motor neurones and muscle cells 
The above neurotransmitter opens channels, causing an influx of (x) into the muscle cell 
Kinked structures lining the pore of the channel, which swing outwards to open the channel 
The name of the receptor where the neurotransmitter binds 
The structure of the above receptor 

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