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Plasma membrane of a plant cell 
Plant vacuolar membrane 
Aqueous component of the cytoplasm 
Approximate width of a phospholipid bilayer 
A group of compounds that are soluble in organic solvents but insoluble in water 
Bond connecting fatty acids to glycerol molecules 
Molecules that have hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions 
Polar, hydrophilic part of the phospholipid 
Non-polar, hydrophobic part of the phospholipid 
Membrane fluidity is determined by temperature and X 
Membrane fluidity is maintained in cold temperatures by introducing more of this type of fatty acid 
Increased presence of these molecules also helps to maintain membrane fluidity 
Enzyme that inserts carbon - carbon double bonds in fatty acids 
Certain lipids associate with specific regions of the membrane called 
The two termini of an amino acid (space separated) 
Condensation reactions form these bonds between amino acids 
Membrane proteins that span the membrane 
Membrane proteins that indirectly bind to the membrane by interactions with lipid head groups 
Membrane proteins covalently attached to lipids which embed in one leaflet of the membrane 
The percentage of proteins in the membrane that are mobile (as demonstrated by FRAP) 
The location of chlorophylls in the choroplast 
Microscopic pores allowing CO2 to enter and O2 to exit cells 
2 chlorophyll molecules in the reaction centre of photosystem II 
2 chlorophyll molecules in the reaction centre of photosystem I 
The primary electron acceptor on photosystem II passes electrons to this molecule 
Electrons pass from the above to this molecule 
Electrons pass from the primary electron acceptor on photosystem I to this molecule 
This molecule is generated during the light reaction and provides reducing power for the dark reaction 
A gas produced during the light reaction 
Generated as hydrogen ions diffuse from the thylakoid space to the stroma 
Location of the dark reactions in the chloroplast 
Enzyme responsible for carbon fixation in the Calvin cycle 
Number of turns of the Calvin cycle needed for it to be self-regenerating 
Wasteful process that releases CO2 and produces serine 
Location of the Calvin cycle in plants using C4 photosynthesis (a type of cell) 
Anatomy of C4 plants, where vascular tissue is surrounded by the above cells 
The C4 compound formed in the mesohyl (also produce in CAM plants) 
Enzyme used in the C4 and CAM pathways which has no affinity for oxygen 
Time of day when stomata open in CAM plants 

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