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Song LyricSongAlbum
I think I lost my halofrom the album Blurryface
Our brains are sick but that's okayfrom the album Vessel
You are out of my mind, oh, you aren't seeing my sidefrom the album Blurryface
Sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mindfrom the album Vessel
My name's Blurryface and I care what you thinkfrom the album Blurryface
Your grandpa died when you were ninefrom the self titled album
There's a ____ on my chestfrom the album Vessel
Some see a plan, I see a harpoonfrom the album Vessel
You are surrounding all my surroundingsfrom the album Vessel
So I'm taking my time on my ____from the album Blurryface
We'll make money selling your hairfrom the album Blurryface
My taste in music is your facefrom the album Blurryface
But do I want to say goodbye, to all the _____from the album Regional at Best
Song LyricSongAlbum
Somebody stole my _____ and now I just sit in silencefrom the album Vessel
Our _____'s in the darkfrom the album Blurryface
And when your father turns to stone, will you take care of mefrom the album Vessel
I've seen the streets you're walking downfrom the album Blurryface
I'll keep the lights on in this placefrom the self titled album
A ____ to you is not a ____ to mefrom the album Regional at Best
I can feel your breath I can feel my deathfrom the album Vessel
Tell me, where are you from, your eyes say, 'Shada de da dum.'from the album Regional at Best
Put cards in our spokes and make our engine sound like traffic, When using Pokemon cards, please do not use the holographicsfrom the album Regional at Best
Impostor, Been fostered, Then my new father drained my dirty blood.from the album Regional at Best
Well I'm sorry Mr. Gullible, But lying's all I've learnedfrom the album Regional at Best
Won't you torture someone else's sleep?from the album Regional at Best

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