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Can you name the UK Cities with an Obscure Letter

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South YorkshireQuestion an ash container
DurhamThis religious official lives in Northern New Zealand
SomersetA ships team transporting a medieval
WiltshireDevices anyone?
DevonA southern cannibal who enjoys your past lovers
BefordshireHarry Potter's got some charming professors!
KentA very serious delivery
NorthumberlandA curse set by a leg of a swine
West YorkshireA term referring to those similar to yourself and a man named Lee
Tyne and Wear A jam container in front of a row of terraces
East YorkshireThe Queens Husbands settlement at the base of a ship
MerseysideDetoxifying a public swimming bath
CornwallYou don't complete a full 26 miles because you lack these essential chemical units
CornwallA modern place where boats can dock
******shireCattle river crossing
CornwallWriting implements for ants?
KentThe Kings Wife dog digging in a Kent Island
Does not contain any obscure letter, EssexA famous bike brand
CornwallIn the nick of time with a writing implement
DevonA harbour hill?
Greater LondonA crossing over an Australian boots company
DorsetA forest of fur?
NottinghamshireAn paid labour ending?
No CountyNot really surprising is it?
SomersetThe town of a river in this county
WiltshireTo close a bag or object to prevent things from entering or leaving the container

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