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Soccer player, Juventus, 80 capsb. 1956
Astronomer, Heliocentrism1473-1543
Romantic Composer1810-1849
Writer, 'The Manuscript Found in Saragossa'1761-1815
First reigning Queen of Poland1373?-1999
Creator of Esperanto1859-1917
US Revolutionary War cavalry general1745-1779
First Christian ruler of Polandc. 940-992
Film director, 'Dekalog', 'Three Colours'1941-1996
Writer, 'The Paraoh'1847-1912
Chemist, discoverer of polonium1867-1934
Post-war Communist leader1905-1982
Sci-fi writer, 'Solaris'1921-2005
Writer, 1924 Nobel Prize, 'the Peasant'1867-1925
Prime Minister of Israel1886-1973
Yiddish writer, Nobel laureate1902-1991
King, victor at Vienna1629-1969
Writer, 'Quo Vadis'1846-1916
Trade Unionist, Presidentb. 1943
Legendary founder of Polandmythical
Napoleonic general, anthem's namesake1755-1818
Painter, 'Battle of Gr├╝nwald'1838-1893
Film director, 'Europa, Europa'b. 1948
American Revolutionary War fighter1746-1817
Poet, 'Pan Tadeusz'1798-1855
Poet, 1980 Nobel Prize1911-2004
Poet, 1996 Nobel Prize1923-1912
General, Interwar dictator1867-1935
First post-war non-Communist Prime-Minister1927-2013

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